Change Management – A Process

Change Management – A Process

Not to be be confused with change management practices when processes and systems are changed and these need to be recorded, documented and approved – Change Management in this context refers to the people side of change and that is:

  • Organisations introduce change.
  • These changes impact how individuals do their work.
  • The success of the organisational change (the project objectives or outcomes) is tied to individuals doing their work differently.
  • And Change Management provides the structure, intent and tools for encouraging and supporting individuals through their own personal changes.

More often than not the people side of change is conducted in isolation from project management to the detriment of the project.

Key Change Management activities/processes focus on aspects such as Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing and the knowledge areas of Scope Management, Risk Management, Develop Project Team, Quality Management, Stakeholder Management and Communications Management, which are encapsulated within the standard Project Management practices as depicted in the PMBOK Guide.

It therefore makes sense that the Change Management processes are integrated with the Project Management processes at the onset of the project ensuring that all of the processes and knowledge areas are positioned for project success.

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