BDM Directions and LimeSurvey

BDM Directions and LimeSurvey

BDM Directions has installed the open-source application, LimeSurvey, to produce web interfaced surveys. The surveys are organised in groups and each group is displayed on separate pages. LimeSurvey also offers several more advanced features. It provides basic statistical and graphical analysis of survey results. Surveys can either be publicly accessible or be strictly controlled through the use of ‘once-only’ tokens, granted only to selected participants. Additionally, participants can be anonymous, or LimeSurvey can track the IP addresses of the participants.

A number of generic survey templates have already been created, and these are customisable  dependent on an organisations specific business needs and requirements.

The survey templates which have been developed are as follows:

A.) Change Management

  • Change Self Assessment.
  • Communications Satisfaction Survey.
  • Project Change Assessment.
  • Project Success Assessment.
  • Project Team Assessment.
  • Sponsor & Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Sponsor & Stakeholder Ongoing Assessment.
  • Post Implementation Assessment.
  • Employee Opinion Survey.

B.) Training & Development

  • Management Training Needs Analysis.
  • Training Needs Analysis (Generic).
  • Training Needs Analysis (ERP Systems Implementation).
  • Computer Literacy Assessment.
  • Training Attendance Register.
  • Training Assessment.
  • Learner Assessment.

C.) Customer Service

  • Customer Service Feedback (Short).
  • Customer Service Feedback (Long).

Please click on this link to preview an example of a survey.

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